Daikō Shōyu

Shiro Dashi Shoyu | Soy Sauce & Dashi Stock | 400 ml

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Soy Sauce Family
Shiro Dashi
Daikō Shōyu, Kinomoto, Japan
Main Ingredients
Usukuchi soy sauce, bonito flakes, kombu extract
Tasting Notes
Light brown with a hazy hue, the nose of this dashi is characterized by smoked fish reminiscing bacon aromas. This dashi has a velvety mouth feel.
This concentrated soy sauce and dashi stock can be used to impart a smoky flavour to your dishes or made into a broth adding water using a ratio of 1:10. Use it for your miso soups, noodles (ramen, udon), omelets and Japanese specialty dishes such as takoyaki and okonomiyaki.

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