Daikō Shōyu

Yuzu Ponzu | Citrus Soy Sauce | 400 ml

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Soy Sauce Family
Daikō Shōyu, Kinomoto, Japan
Main Ingredients
Koikuchi soy sauce, vinegar, yuzu juice
Tasting Notes
Dark brown with a reddish hue, the nose of this soy sauce is characterized by yuzu aromas. This soy sauce is crisp and its acidity makes you want to go for more. It does not contain dashi (fish stock) which gives it a lighter and more refreshing taste. 
UsesThis citrus-flavoured vinegar sauce is an excellent accompaniment to your salad dressings and marinades. It pairs well with raw fish and meat (tartare, poke, tataki) and fried food (gyoza, tempura, karaage) as it will cut into the greasiness. 

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