Daikō Shōyu

Kensuke Osugi - Traditional Soy Sauce Brewer
Where does soy sauce come from?

Located in a small mountainous hamlet near Lake Biwa, Japan's largest lake, Daikō Shōyu is a local family-run business producing shōyu [soy sauce] since 1852.

The current head of Daikō Shōyu, Kensuke Ōsugi, represents the 6th generation of soy sauce brewers in the family and is one of the few still using the traditional method of production in Japan. This method consists of fermenting soybeans and wheat innoculated with kōji in Japanese cedar barrels and expose this blend called moromi to yeasts living in the surrounding environment. 

It was during her stay in Japan that Sara discovered Daikō Shōyu, the brewery being located in a small rural village where she practiced Japanese tea ceremony. Since her return from Japan, she and Samuel can no longer do without the products made by Daikō Shōyu.

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