Yuzu Ponzu Wafu Dressing

Wafu Ponzu

Did you know that wafu simply means "Japanese-style"? In this recipe, we blend sesame paste with yuzu ponzu to create a creamy sesame sauce with citrus accents. It is ideal as a dressing for your salads, or for dipping meats and vegetables.  


100 mL

Preparation Time

5 minutes

Cooking Time


Level of Difficulty




1/4 cup

Sesame paste

1 tbsp.

Yuzu Ponzu

2 tbsp.




  1. Mix the three ingredients in a bowl and whisk until creamy.
  2. If the sauce is too thick, adjust with a little water and yuzu ponzu until you obtain a smooth consistency.
  3. Use your yuzu ponzu wafu dressing as a base for a vinaigrette or as a dipping sauce for meats and vegetables.


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